The mission of AgriFood Croatia is to contribute towards achieving the vision outlined in the EU Declaration of ‘A smart and sustainable digital future for European agriculture and rural areas’ and strengthen the national and European technological infrastructure.





Advanced Digital Skills on Blockchain for Trusted Food Supply Chains – TRUST-FOOD

The goal of this project is to support the development of advanced digital skills of people in the workforce, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as job seekers, by providing access to high-quality specialized courses.

  4.569.351,54 €   •     36 months

Blue Economy Sectors Digital Transformation towards Industry 4.0 – Best 4.0.

BEST4.0 will produce: 1. a Cross-Border Catalogue of I.40 towards Blue Economy, supporting business and local and regional authorities; 2. a Cross-Border Digital Innovation Hubs Network, helping the SMEs of Blue Economy in accomplish their digital transformation, even at the end of the project; 3. innovative business solutions, I4.0 applications and capacity building paths support 160 SMEs of Blue Economy in targeted areas.

  1,273,310.40   •     30

Croatia-Cyprus Excellence Hub on Eco-Innovative Technologies for Healthy and Productive Seas – SeaTecHub

The main goal of the SeaTecHub project is to strengthen Croatian and Cyprus place-based innovation ecosystems and improve access to excellence for R&I actors by cross-border collaboration on a common strategy and alongside value adding chains within the area of ecoinnovative technologies for healthy and productive seas,

  4.999.577,50   •     48

Joint Master on Maritime Robotics in Blue Economy – MARBLE

The main goal of the MARBLE project is to raise competencies and skills in the application of maritime robotics in the domain of the blue economy by supporting the preparation of an innovative joint master’s program.

  819.737,00 €   •     9 months

Rising competences & skills in less developed Danube regions through food sector cross-topic innovations – RISE

Main objective of projects is improving entrepreneurial competences and skills in remote areas through FOOD innovation potentials & answers to current global challenges.

  1.649.722,48   •     30

Stakeholders-driven pathways for blockchain implementation in the agri-food sector – TRUSTYFOOD

The goal of the proposal is to understand why communities, i.e. users, accept/reject blockchain-based projects, the mistakes done by others for not repeating them, the best and innovative practices in blockchain development in agri-food sector (considering its complexity) for arriving to shape different possible futures for BC application.

  2.999.283,75   •     36